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VIFRA produce capi sportivi personalizzati da 50 anni, sviluppando un know how su design e materiali di qualità.

Offriamo inoltre delle linee da collezione e produciamo  PRIVATE LABEL (White label) per marchi internazionali che si possono così fregiare del MADE IN ITALY.

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Our wide range of seat pads. Each pad can be applied to any type of overalls.


Pad with high density foam (120kg/m3), non-detachable materials without excess parts, elastic and light without any adhesive. High breathability. It guarantees a long life, in male and female version.


The perfect combination of perforated foams ensure maximum breathability and freedom of movement. Minimal cut and delicate contact fabric.

Endurance Anatomic 2

The original shape of this pad is given by a special stitching technique. This crescent feature allows for an unprecedented fit and greater stability in the saddle.


It is a very comfortable and light pad. Soft, breathable and quick drying. The foam (density 80 kg/m3) is deposited on the support parts leaving freedom of movement in the other areas. The foam is very open allowing for greater breathability and ventilation.

Performance Space Force

Product of excellence for the long distance. High density and multidirectional curvature structure guarantee perfect fit and stability in the saddle. Performance Space offers ischial support and ensures optimal movement during pedaling.


It has an open cell base foam (density 100 kg/m3) and a thickness of 12 mm. The holes are 3 mm, allowing breathability, freshness and quick drying.

Endurance 3

Perfect pad for long distances. The combination of inserts differentiates the pressures for better care of the critical points (ischial and pelvic areas).


The Comfort pad with 90° side wings has an ergonomic fit. The foam guarantees excellent support for every type of athlete. Perfect for road or MTB.

Triathlon unisex

Standard unisex pad for triathlon.

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